Charles Gaeta
Executive Director
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Paul Gaudet
Director of Management & Operations
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Joseph Scanlon
Director of Policy & Finance
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Peggy Phelps
Director of Planning & Development
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About Us
Welcome to the Lynn Housing Authority & Neighborhood Development (LHAND) website. Over time, you will see the website growing to suit our clients’ and visitors’ needs. We hope you find our website helpful and informative.

We take great pride in overseeing an agency that is truly responsive to the community. The Board of Commissioners and staff of LHAND, believe in our mission to provide decent, safe and quality affordable housing, for all residents of the City of Lynn along with a number of homeowner assistance programs funded by the City of Lynn, through the Department of Economic & Community Development.

We are pleased to work with Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy, the Lynn City Council, led by Council President Daniel Cahill and our state

delegation including Senator Tom McGee, Representative Bob Fennell and Representative Brendan Crighton.

Our agency is continually changing and now to encompasses accessing a comprehensive housing strategy for the City of Lynn. This strategy includes administering our “traditional” housing programs such as family and elderly/disabled public housing and rental assistance programs. At the LHAND we administer programs on both the federal and state level.

Our developments include Caggiano Plaza, Woodman Street, Essex & Tilton, McGee House/Green Street, Olive Street, Meadow Court, Wall Plaza and Curwin Circle. It also includes the administration of CDBG and HOME Funds, HOPWA Funds, the management of private rental units and a whole host of other community-related services that benefit the neighborhoods of our city.

Our Neighborhood Loan and Grant Program have allowed hundreds of homeowners and investor landlords to spruce up their properties, through grants and through zero and low interest rate loans. In addition to helping current homeowners, we are also able to help potential homeowners buy their first home.

The LHAND now also acts as the management agent for the Brickyard Village, a 28 unit, rental development and St. Jean Baptiste Apartments, a 22 unit rental building. The addition of these quality rental units to the City’s rental stock has allowed many people the opportunity the live in safe, quality, affordable housing and has assisted in major redevelopment of neighborhoods.

Currently, the LHAND provides housing and housing assistance to over 3,000 people, with the majority being senior citizens and disabled individuals, in our community and service another others through our loan and grant programs for property owners of our city.

We are proud to say that the LHAND staff is made up of a team of diverse and talented individuals whose goals it is to treat our clients with the dignity and respect expected of public officials.

In closing, we hope you are able to utilize the resources on the website often and we look forward to finding new ways to service and communicate with the residents of the City of Lynn.

Main Office
Phone: (781) 581-8600
10 Church Street
Lynn, MA 01902
Admissions Office
Phone: (781) 581-8760
174 South Common Street
Lynn, MA 01905
Rental Assistance Office
Phone: (781) 581-8700
174 South Common Street
Lynn, MA 01905
Maintenance Office
Phone: (781) 598-3434
92 Curwin Circle
Lynn, MA 01905
Curwin Circle Management Office
Phone: (781) 598-3663
29 Curwin Terrace
Lynn, MA 01905
Wall Plaza Management Office
Phone: (781) 581-8606
95 Tremont Street
Lynn, MA 01902
State Housing Management Office
Phone: (781) 581-8730
174 South Common Street
Lynn, MA 01905
Fraud Hotline
Phone: (781) 581-8650
TPhone: (781) 477-2837


Family Success Center
Phone: 339-883-2342
20 Wheeler Street
Lynn MA  01902

Veterans - SSVF Office

Phone: 781-581-8640

117 Franklin Street

Lynn MA 01902

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