Landlord Information

LHAND offers a number of programs to assist local Landlords. Additionally, LHAND seeks to work with both the Landlord and tenant should a problem arise. LHAND offers numerous programs to both inform the Landlord of his or her rights, as well as, with the Tenant to support their growth.

Landlord Seminars are offered quarterly. These trainings familiarize landlords with the programs and the services offered by LHAND to both the landlord and the tenant. The trainings also provide basic knowledge on landlord tenant law in Massachusetts, as well as, informs landlords of benefits available to you as a partner to the Housing Authority.

LHAND Contacts for Landlords:

Rental Assistance Office: (781) 581-8700

Housing Integrity Program / Fraud Hotline: (781) 581-8650

LHAND Inspectional Department: (781) 581-8722

Forms for Landlords