Rental Assistance

174 South Common Street
Lynn, MA 01902
Phone: (781) 581-8700
FRI: 8AM-12:30PM
Although we are not currently open to the public our staff remains available to assist you by phone, email, regular mail or drop box located at the Rental Assistance Office.

In addition to public housing units, LHAND manages approximately 3000 units of rental assistance through various subsidized programs at its Rental Assistance Office. These programs help low-income families rent decent, safe, and affordable housing in the private market. These programs include; Housing Choice Voucher (also known as Section 8), three Special Purpose Housing Choice Voucher programs, the Mass Rental Voucher Program, the Mass Alternative Housing Voucher Program, the Federal Mod –Rehab and SRO Mod Rehab program as well as the Shelter Plus Care Program. The office is responsible for meeting all state and federal regulations for these programs as well as ensuring that all rental assisted units meet the Housing Quality Standards as prescribed by HUD and State Sanitary Codes. LHAND staff performs annual certification of all households and inspectors perform routine inspections of all properties assisted by our programs.


LHAND understands the importance of providing integrity in their Federal and State housing, and as a result has instituted an aggressive program called the Housing Integrity Program (HIP), to ensure tenant and landlord compliance with program regulations as well as to offer assistance to tenants who are in need of personal or social services. The HIP was not designed to facilitate the termination of participants who engage in illegal acts or violate program requirements but as an educational and enforcement tool. The LHAND believes that an effective Housing Integrity Program must have four specific objectives which are intended to assist the LHAND in accomplishing its’ main function of providing housing or housing assistance to eligible, qualified families, and to assure that each family pays its correct share of the rent in accordance with Federal and State Law. These objectives are:

  1. To prevent unintentional program violations due to misunderstanding, misinformation or a lack of information.
  2. To prevent and detect program violations.
  3. To take effective administrative, civil or criminal action, as appropriate.
  4. To provide or act as a referral for tenant services which allows for the stability of the family unit.

The HIP Program has helped hundreds of clients successfully utilize LHAND’s housing assistance programs. The effectiveness of the program has also led to the recovery of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Housing Integrity E-Mail:
HIP Hotline: (781) 581-8650