Board of Commissioners

As set in its bylaws, the LHAND is overseen by a 5-member Board of Commissioners. Their main purpose is to set policies and ensure that the Executive Director is implementing these policies in accordance with State and Federal regulations and requirements. The Board Chairperson presides at all Board Meetings of the Authority and may be required to sign contracts, deeds and other instruments made by the Authority. The Vice-Chairperson will perform the duties of the Chairperson in their absence. The Treasurer is responsible to sign orders and checks for the payment of money under the direction of the Authority. The Assistant Treasurer will perform the duties of the Treasurer in their absence. The Executive Director of the Authority also serves as the Secretary of the Board and has general supervision over the administration of its business and affairs, subject to the direction of the Authority.

Laura Walsh,
Chairperson Mayoral Appointee

Steve Martin,
Vice Chairperson Mayoral Appointee

Susan McGinnis-Lang,
Treasurer Governor Appointee

Robert Muise,
Tenant Representative Mayoral Appointee

Justin Anshewitz,
Labor Representative Mayoral Appointee

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